Providing Amazing and Professional Headshots


Let me help you understand that a headshot is not a portrait.  A headshot is a necessary tool to get you noticed and be seen!!   You want to stand out…and that’s what I will do.  


We’ll start off with a phone consultation prior to your headshot photo session.  I’ll ask you what your profession or business is about.  Do you want people to see you as a warm and carrying individual? Do you want your image to portray you as a strong, confident, and trustworthy individual?


Does your current headshot present yourself as approachable, likable, and reliable?  Maybe you want people to see you as a funny and creative individual. The idea is to project you with an attitude that speaks of who you are and what you represent.  


Based on how you want to project yourself, I’ll guide you (if you haven’t decided already!) to what your wardrobe should look like.  This will allow to describe exactly what you represent. Remember, you are unique in every aspect, and that’s what your image will show. 


When your headshot photo session finally arrives, you’ll be ready. Once at the photo studio, we’ll do a quick review of your needs, inspiration for the shoot, and what your expectations are.


I promise you’re going to love your headshot!!


Easy Headshot Package:  $175

Includes 1 professionally edited digital image

Your image printed in 4x6

15-20 minutes session

One outfit (bring your best)

In-Studio Session

Select from 1 color backdrop (black, gray, white)

Client will choose from multiple images during shoot  

$75 per additional image

Popular Headshot Package: $275

Includes 3 professionally edited digital image

Your images printed in 4x6

45 minutes session

Two outfits (bring your best)

In-Studio Session or your location (additional fee)

Select from 3 color backgrounds (black, gray, white)

Client will choose from multiple images during shoot

$70 per additional image


Executive Headshot Package:  $475

Includes 6 professionally edited digital images

Your images printed in 4x6

2 hour session

Four outfits (bring your best)

In-Studio Session or your location (additional fee)

Select from multiple backdrops

Client will choose from multiple images during shoot

$65 per additional image


Black & White Image $20

Transparent Background $50

Background color change $25

Additional printing options available for purchase

Purchase of all images from session (inquire)

Includes 1 professional color corrected image

One outfit (bring your best)

Select from 1 color backdrop (black, gray, white)

Client will choose from multiple images during shoot  

Separate Session for Corporate Executive (inquire)


2 - 5 people $120 per person

6-10 people $100 per person

11-20 people $90 per person

20-30 people $80 per person

31-40 people $75 per person

41 and more  $60 per person

Individual Headshots

(Printed images included)

Corporate Headshots

In Studio, Your Office, or Other Location

How It Works


When you book your session, we'll go over what to expect for your day.  I'll learn a bit about you, your business or profession.  Based on our conversation, we'll determine what your needs are and how you want to spotlight your image.  One important aspect in preparing for your photo session is getting a good night’s sleep the day before.  This will make you feel relaxed and excited about the day.  We'll go over your wardrobe choices.  Keep in mind that what you choose to wear will represent who you are and what you want to portray.  Make sure it makes you feel comfortable.  Take a good look at the items you'll be bringing for your session.  Try them on in front of the mirror.  Evaluate how it looks, the color, the way it fits and how it makes you feel.  


For women and depending on your industry, dress for the occasion and wear the proper attire.  Avoid excessive make up and large jewelry.  You want nothing to distract the image.  Remember it's about you and only you.


For men, come nicely shaved and groomed.  If you wear a beard or mustache, make sure it is trimmed and to your liking. Your clothing should also represent you.  If you're wearing a dress shirt, make sure it is professionally ironed.  If you're wearing a suit, make sure you can move around with it.  


On shooting day, you should arrive early, at least 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled session.  This way you can relax and get yourself ready for some fun.  We'll settle in with some coffee, expresso, or some sparkling water.  Then, I'll set you up, guide and coach you every step of the way.


I tether my camera directly with the computer.  You'll be able to see each image as it is shot.  If we see anything that is out of place, your hair, your wardrobe, etc., we'll adjust and fix it to make your image look perfect.  After all the images are taken, we'll go over each and every shot.  You can then choose your best and favorite image(s).  


Once you make your choice, I'll color correct each image, check for the right exposure, make other adjustments like reducing facial lines, brightening your teeth, deleting any blemishes that show, etc. It's that easy!


Finally, once finished, your image(s) will be made available through our online gallery.  You can then download them and use them as needed.  Your image(s) are delivered in high resolution for printing and web use.  


You also have the option to have them printed in our studio.  And why not?  It's a great way to document the experience and show your friends and colleagues.  You'll have various sizes to choose from.  Have them framed and placed on your desk or maybe on the wall of your office.  


At the end of the day, let them see who you really are!!

Contact Info:


Telephone: 786-443-8709


Address: 9703 South Dixie Highway,  Suite#103, Miami, Florida  33156